1. Capital increase
    Shareholders accepted to increase share capital
    2017 June 19
  2. Project
    New processing and construction of new warehouses.
  3. Representation
    We have become the representatives of "Elvatech".
    2017 March 17
  4. VAT
    Registered for VAT, the VAT code is LT10009349519
    2016 February 23
  5. Address
    The registration address was changed from Vilnius. Švitrigailos g. 11K-109 to Vilnius, Polocko g. 32.
    2016 February 11
  6. Certificate
    A certificate was obtained on registration in the register of economic entities engaged in commercial and economic activities related to precious metals and gemstones. Trade of investment gold, provision of pawnshop services, manufacture of jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones, repair of jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones, retail of jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones, sale of precious metals and gemstones, their products and scrap, sale and purchase of waste and scrap containing, precious metals and gemstones, distribution of jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones (wholesale).
    2015 November 13
  7. Specialization
    AREGAS is in charge of metal striping, sorting, recycling, packing and repacking, storage and delivery, but not involved in treatment processes. As a result, the purchased and sold waste has a residual value.
    2015 February 18
  8. Registrated
    2015 February 18, legal person registered in "AREGAS UAB" legal form Joint Stock Company, the registered office in Vilnius, Švitrigailos g.
    2015 February 18